Legendary photographer Ricky Powell has a show currently at Klughaus Gallery in the L.E.S. of NYC. 


Memes NYC is proud to present “Oh No He Didn’t!” featuring legendary photographer Ricky Powell, the magnetic and talented New York City photographer, prowler, Renaissance Man, TV personality, party crasher and self-described “freelance bohemian hustler” known for his candid 1980s and 90s street shots of New Yorkers in locales ranging from the West 4th basketball courts in Greenwich Village to graffiti writer-filled nightclubs in the eye of the storm that was the downtown Manhattan party scene at a time when hip hop and graffiti were capturing the world’s attention in a big way.


“Style was attitude,” Powell told one publication of that era. “…Everything was more genuine, it wasn’t all color-coded Nikes, you had to have game on the court to rock those sneakers,” he continued. “The graffiti writers became celebrities, and seeing them hanging out in the clubs I was like ‘oh shit, those dudes are cool.”Also a factor in Powell’s increasing recognition was a relationship with the Beastie Boys. “I’m just a fan, and when I see somebody I just have to capture that moment,” Ricky once said of his style.

“Oh No He Didn’t!” will feature a carefully curated collection of fifteen old and new Powell images, including photographs of Warhol and Basquiat on their way to their famous Tony Shafrazi gallery show in Soho in 1985, Madonna getting “zooted” with gal pals Sandra Berhard and Debi Mazar in ‘88, New York graffiti dynamic duo ZEPHYR and REVOLT, and a mix of other assorted colorful characters. Rounding out the collection are gorgeous environmental portraits of New York City.” – Memes NYC


Klughaus Gallery 
47 Monroe Street, 646-801-6024
East Village / Lower East Side
July 6 – July 14, 2012