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You’ve seen him with Jim Jones and the Byrdgang crew, and you’ve heard him on records with Waka Flocka, Sean Kingston, Lloyd Banks, and Juelz Santana. Now, Trav is ready to make his mark in the game. With his affiliations with 50 Cent and G-Unit, Slobucks, Jim Jones, and others. Trav talks to about who he is signed to, his upcoming mixtape, and being one of the most popular rappers amongst his peers.

You’re on Jim Jones’ ‘Vampire Life 2: F.E.A.S.T’ mixtape, how did that come about?
Well, me and Jim got mutual friends. My first single, “Ride The Wave,” I had Lloyd Banks and Juelz Santana and that was real big for NY. I was like the first one to put an artist from G-Unit and an artist from Dipset together and that made the chemistry for “Beamer, Benz, or Bentley” and songs like that. From there being around ‘Elz, he’s like a big brother to me. And then I finally met Jim, and he took a liking to me from me being out here hustling, running around on tours, being an unsigned artist doing this all on my own. So I went to his studio, and I had a song I wanted him on, for my mixtape, and from there he hit me like, “Come to the studio.” I guess the energy I got turned him back on to doing music, because he was focused on the reality show and movies and all that. He was about to take a step back from music. But me being there and making good music brought him back into his zone.


You mentioned you’re unsigned. A lot of people would assume that you’re on Byrdgang. Can you clarify your current label situation?
I’m definitely not Byrdgang, that was made before me, before I knew Jim. Byrdgang been formed, their artists been together. I’m just out here hustling, I took what I learned from the streets and from my pops, and put it into music. I never understood how the public can see me do a song with Sean Kingston, or Soulja Boy, or Jim and be like, ‘He’s got to be signed to them,’ because I’m making good music. I’m not signed to them.  When I sign with someone, ya’ll will know. It’ll be big, and it’ll be some big money involved.

What’s the most valuable lesson you learned from an artist?
Consistency. You being on a record with somebody doesn’t mean that everything’s going to change. Nowadays the listeners got ADD. Everybody drops a song every day. You on a song with somebody, they’re just giving you a look. Me on records with those artists gives me a look, and that’s why I go so hard. The most important thing I learned from these artists is consistency. For example, Soulja Boy, every day and every week he’s got a new song or video out. So that’s what I learned.

In between working with other folks, you got your tape, PUSH, coming soon. Tell us about that project.
I got a record I’m about to drop, “Push,” which stands for “Pray Until Something Happens.” I can’t lie, I been working on this tape for quite a while. It’s probably been a year anticipating this tape. But I been getting sidetracked on the tape because I’m focused on money. I dropped a single with Sean Kingston between that, I did my first promo tour by myself, just doing my thing. So I wasn’t really focused on the mixtape but I can’t forget about the streets and that’s one thing I know that is major for all artists.

As far as guests, I got some features but I don’t know if I’m going to put them on this tape. I got a record with 50, I got a record with Cory Gunz, with Waka, Jim. A couple special ones. I’m still working on it.