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The Wakestock Music Festival in the UK was one of the first major festivals in the industry to distribute wristbands fitted with microchips in place of tickets. The wristbands, at first glance, are like any other item handed out at concerts, but are fit with a small radio frequency identification card which allows concert-goers to enter and leave the venue as they please without long lines or the possibility of losing their ticket stub.

Although concert-goers complained that the wristbands were uncomfortable, and even take away from the “spirit” of music festivals in general, supporters of the technology say that not only do the wristbands hinder ticket fraud but also keep the venue cleaner and more efficient. Designers of the wristband even claim users can load money onto it for food and drinks, eliminating the hassle of of backpacks and wallets.


How would you feel if the next music festival you went to handed out automated wristbands instead of tickets? Would you enjoy the benefits or feel uncomfortable wearing such advanced technology at a music festival?

Props: BBC News

-Kevin Shea (@kevinnshea)

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