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Cowboys’ wide receiver Dez Bryant surrendered to authorities today after a warrant was issued for his arrest for the alleged assault of his mother, Angela D. Bryant.  According to his mother, Dez “tried to kill her”. Police arrived after the 911 call Saturday to find Bryant’s mom with a swollen wrist and thumb and bruising on her upper arms, police Capt. Ron Smith said.  She told police she grabbed Dez Bryant’s shirt and he forcefully knocked her arms away.  According to police he hit her on the face and pushed her in the chest.  Bryant faces a charge of family violence, a misdemeanor punishably by up to a year in jail and $4,000 fine.  This just adds to the long list of off-the-field legal issues Bryant has dealt with.

This is the audio from the 911 call:



-Shaina (@Shay_Marie)