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While in Canada for his latest tour stop, Big Boi spoke with Montreality about a wide range of topics. First, the Atlantean looked back on his childhood and how important a good education was: “I graduated with a real high grade point average…I was never a fool, my mom wouldn’t let me rap unless I got good grades… Street smarts and book smarts.” So anyone out their struggling to become an artist, make sure you stick to school and you may end up as successful as Big Boi. When you get there, though, be careful with your first big paycheck; Big Boi jokingly admitted that he blew half of his first big payday on one car.

The conversation turned to business as the artist elaborated on his latest unreleased album, “Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors.” He explained simply that “the theme is making the best tunes on the planet…I’ve always been dedicated to making this jedi rap s***.” Big Boi also casually threw in at the end of his statement that he has “a coffee table book around the same time the album comes out.” Make sure you pick up both items when they are released, as Big Boi is one of the most talented in the industry.


Andre 3000 was the last notable topic of the interview, as all Outkast fans are wondering what the relationship is like between the two musical geniuses. Big Boi had only positive things to say about his long time friend and collaborator, Mr. 3000: “Last time I spoke to Dre was about three weeks ago, after finishing up the Jimi Hendrix movie…ya know, [we were] just chopping it up, homeboy to homeboy. That’s my brother, it ain’t nothing but all loving.”

As more information is released concerning “Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors,” The Source will keep you updated; the album is obviously accumulating deserved anticipation, and should be on Big Boi’s typical “jedi” level.

Watch the full interview below:

Props: Montreality

-Kevin Shea (@kevinnshea)