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Triumph has released its new Daytona 675 Supersport this past year, and had proven itself to be one of those bikes that has the power, and the look to turn heads. The fairings on the bike mesh well together to make it look like one whole piece. Most motorcycles have the same body design just about, but looking at the Daytona, you can spot this one from a mile away. 



With a inline-3 cylinder, 600cc 12 valve duel overhead cam engine putting out about 124hp, and weighing at only 389lbs, you can only imagine what the result can be. Having a max speed at about 160mph+, you better make sure you wear the proper gear. The base price of the bike is around $10,999 but can rise up in price to over $12,000. 


By Ant Simeone@ant_sims