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As the line grew outside the New Era Flagship store on East 4th Street, Manhattan; New Era and Batman fans alike waited in anticipation to enter in hopes of getting their ticket to see the midnight premier of The Dark Knight Rises.

The cool air from the AC and non-stop compilation of hot new music, provided by DJ Super Nova, set the tone as the crowd was finally allowed to enter the store. Everyone was aware that the first 25 that entered the store would receive movie tickets, but no one expected what goodies New Era had planned to give away. The generosity of New Era extended to raffling off Dark Knight Blu-ray DVD’s, New Era T-Shirts, Dark Knight Rises converses, and Dark Knight toys as appetizers to the “Big Three” giveaways that came later.


The final, and most notable, prizes given away yesterday were four day passes to Comic-Con, The Dark Knight Rises Gotham Rogue’s jersey, and the Gotham Rogue’s helmet worn during the movie. 

– John Weber (@JohnPaulWeber)