The Source takes a look into Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Episode 27 “Bone for Tuna” episode.


            Nucky Thompson seems to be feeling pains of guilt on Sunday’s episode of Boardwalk Empire “Bone for Tuna”. The episode opens with Nucky on the phone. It rings as you heard the voice of a woman say, “The only thing you have to worry about is when you run out of company, sir.” A boy appears in front of Nucky and he asks the boy, “Hungry, Slugger?” He looks down at his hand to see a pan of sizzling bacon then hears a gunshot and the boy is on the floor with a gunshot in his cheek, the same wound that Nucky gave Jimmy Dormady. Nucky is awakened by a call from Mrs. Thompson and brought back to reality.

            Nucky is to receive an award from the St. Gregory Church and Margaret is using the award to give her leverage so the hospital will give the appropriate pre-natal care to women. She has learned skills from her husband in the art of manipulation to get what she wants from people by setting them up in the right way. Later we see her in front of the bishop with Dr. Landau as she introduced the two, she cleverly works her words with style and grace to get the program moving along.

            Meanwhile, before the ceremony takes place, Nucky drives out to deal with Gyp. The man has been a bit of a thorn in Nucky’s side when he caused a problem with the transportation of Nucky’s liquor. Nucky makes a deal with Gyp that he will supply him with a month’s worth of liquor, but that after that they are to go their separate ways. Gyp takes the deal, but with obvious caution. Nucky invites Gyp to dinner the next night in Atlantic City. Nucky is seen sitting at a table alone behind the curtain avoiding the crowd. We see him reminiscing about a celebratory dinner for Jimmy until Gyp interrupts him. Nucky talks with Gyp about his awful temper, and then the two get on the topic of Gillian, Jimmy’s mother, and the brothel she is now running in the Commodore’s house. Gyp expresses his interest in Gillian and Nucky later on drops Gyp at her brothel.

            Gillian sits and talks with Gyp about Nucky as he tries to get information out of her. She tries to be playful and coy, but does let him know that Nucky’s brother was responsible for the plot to kill him. Gyp seems to be very interested in this.

            Margaret and Nucky make their way to the church for Mr. Thompson to receive his reward from the bishop. The scene is very grandiose and as Nucky is walking down the aisle he sees and alter boy who is standing with a gunshot to his cheek. Nucky tries to shake the image but sees the boy again with the same gunshot wound. He grabs Margaret’s hand and the boy disappears. Later, we see the meal after the ceremony and Nucky staring at the alter boys looking for the same boy with the gunshot. He is obviously disheveled and immediately leaves to call his lover Billy in New York, but he hasn’t been able to get a hold of her the entire episode. She does not pick up his call, which only furthers his anxiety that there is another man and could he be losing her? She brings out an emotional sensitive side of Nucky that is almost unnatural.

            Meanwhile, Gyp heads to the warehouse to pick up the liquor Nucky promised him. There he was met with Eli and Owen Sleater. Gyp is not exactly amused that Nucky is not present for the exchange, but is interested to put a face and a name to Nucky’s brother Eli and also what the message “Bone for tune” is supposed to mean.

            The episode ends with Nucky finally over making phone calls and goes straight to Billy’s apartment to confront her about what is really going on. She is not there and he falls asleep on her couch to wake up to hear her in the kitchen. He walks slowly to the sound he hears of sizzling bacon and is obviously thinking he is having another nightmare. But instead, Billy is standing there making him breakfast and he stands next to her with his head on her shoulder, and the episode ends.

            This episode definitely focused much more on Nucky and his pains of guilt for how he killed Jimmy, and the insecurities that are building  because of his new affair with Billy. I’m not exactly positive how I feel about such a sensitive side of Nucky, but I am interested to see when the truth will be revealed about Jimmy’s death.


-Geneva Perezcastaneda (@Geevabeba)