Give us free! That seems to be the cry from a plane full of journalists, fans and concert winners aboard a “Rihanna plane” on the 777 tour. While it’s no surprise that anything remotely related to Rihanna is making headlines, the now infamous “Rihanna Plane” is more of a topic than the actual tour. Twitter timelines from bloggers accompanying the 300-plus member crew are riddled with complaints, naked man sightings and alcohol-influenced rants. Named for its seven concerts in seven countries in just seven days, the tour’s press is becoming more about the revolt on the plane than it is about documenting the superstar’s travels.

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Claiming to have seen very little of Rihanna, journalists are complaining of no internet, no sleep and bad food. Tim Dormer, a man from Australia, ran down the plane aisle naked and has gotten the most attention. Members of the press were yelling “save our jobs” and “just one quote” in an effort to get a better story, and there was even someone yelling “b-roll” to sabotage the tour’s documentary filmmakers. A fake twitter account (@rihannaplane) was even launched and is providing some light-hearted entertainment for Rihanna navy who have become obsessed with following this story.



Well, if it was press they were looking for, Rihanna’s team should look no further because they got it. First, we at the Source were saddened that Def Jam skipped us when passing out invitations. But on second thought, we figured watching this from the sidelines is much more entertaining. At least, we’ll be home for Thanksgiving.


–Kim O.