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2012 had some interesting moments outside of the realm of biggest records, videos and albums. Today we look back on 2012’s shocking, ridiculous, bravest and tragic moments.





Most Tragic Moment Of The Year:

The Murder Of Trayvon Martin 


What happened the night of February 26th between 16-year old Trayvon Martin and 28-year old George Zimmerman devastated an entire country. The death of a young Trayvon Martin shot by the 28-year old neighborhood watchman has to be 2012’s most tragic moment.The media’s coverage of this story has kept on-lookers looking for answers. At this point, all we can hope for is some closure for the Martin family while they look for truth and justice in the wake of this tragedy. – J.M. 


Most Ridiculous Moment Of The Year: 

Chief Keef Mocks Rival’s Death


Lupe isn’t the only one who had a problem with some Twitter comments made by fellow Chi-town rapper Chief Keef. Apparently, so did the Chicago Police Department. Chief Keef, never one to shy away from controversy, was caught in a viral dispute with a teenage-rapper named Lil Jo Jo, and Keef later mocked the 16-year old’s death with a few immature tweets including that landed Chief Keef in a bit of hot water with the police. Chief Keef’s manager, Rovan Manuel, told the Chicago Sun Times: “A lot of the stuff Keef does, that’s just cause he’s a kid. People forget that he’s a kid, a teenager … and kids make mistakes. He makes mistakes the hard way.” – S.L.


Most Shocking Moment Of The Year: 

Chris Lighty’s Death


One of the saddest moments of 2012 was when the news broke that Violator founder Chris Lighty had been shot by his own hand. The music executive who was influential in the careers of 50 Cent, LL Cool J, and Missy-among others was found dead in his Bronx apartment after an argument with his estranged wife. To those who knew Lighty and to an entire Hip-Hop community, the “apparent” suicide came as a shock. As a result, family and friends searched for answers—launching an investigation into his death. 


Bravest Act of The Year:

Frank Ocean Admits To Same Sex Relationship


Prior to releasing his well-received Channel Orange album, Frank Ocean took to his Tumblr to spill the beans. After a listening session had a few journalists reporting Frank Ocean’s album addressed a secret, Ocean admitted his relationship with a man. With a text edit post on July 3rd, he referred to his first love as a “him.” The open letter spoke on an experience Frank had held inside for quite a long time. “I don’t have any secrets I need kept anymore,” wrote the Def Jam artist who compared losing his first love to being thrown out of a plane or jumping off a cliff. Following the letter, Channel Orange was released and Frank Ocean received praise for the brave act of opening up on his sexuality, which only drew more attention to his sophomore effort. – S.L.