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The new season of Love and Hip Hop 3 airs tonight and the cast members are already off to an explosive start. This season promises broken friendships, table turning, cat fights and yes…Love and Hip Hop. 


Below, sexy newcomer, DJ Raqi Thunda explains her alleged love affair between she and Slaughterhouse member Joe Budden.

What is your relationship like at the moment with Joe Budden?

Right now we don’t have a relationship at all. Joe and I have been really, really close friends for the past 3 years. I interviewed him 11 years ago and we’ve had interactions in passing but it took one time–I interviewed him at my radio station. There was a connection everyone said, ‘Oh shoot you guys would be a great team.’ We felt it too, he’s a very charming guy, very smart and I happen to be very witty and I have a big personality so we bonded over that. If you now Joe anyone in his life becomes a part of his personal life. So it went from us trying to bond so we could take over this radio show, and a lot of his world is surrounded by his home, so I’d meet the mom, his family, little brother. And we became really close that way. But he manipulates situations to get a rise out of people but this is his life…Joe’s rollercoaster ride and if you jump on, you go with it. Right now we’re in a really, really bad place. I’d like to think this is not even real and it’s just a figment of his imagination and he’s going to fuck

with me until he can’t fuck with me anymore, but it’s still hurtful. I didn’t think I’d be a pawn in his mix because I was the one woman in his life who he’s never been intimate with. I thought his pawns were just women he’s slept with.


You recently said in an interview that you somehow managed to see his penis, but you guys weren’t intimate and Twitter Ville was in an uproar. Can you clarify that comment?


If anyone has watched Joe over the years, Joe is an open book, he’s an exhibitionist. If you go on his instagram, you’ll see him eating his girl’s box out. He has zero care what so ever. I’m a grown ass woman, and there’s nothing intimate at all between me and Joe, so if I go over there to talk to my homeboy who at one point was considered my best friend. At one point we shared a lot of information. He’s in the shower taking a shower, and how his bathroom is set up, he has a bathtub and the shower is totally separate. So he’s in the shower and he’s talking his shit and I’m talking mine. For you to be in his house and him to walk by butt ass naked, that’s Joe. He even said he would Twitpic his own dick and I’m grown so hey what am I suppose to do?


Since you guys were so close do you think you’ll ever be able to put your differences aside and be friends again? (Silence)  


Raqi you ok? (Sniffles) 

Umm its hard, trust is….

I didn’t mean to make you sad?

It’s okay. This whole situation is sad. Trust is a big big thing to me and he overstepped his boundaries. There’s one thing for friendships to fall apart naturally, and there’s another thing for you to manipulate a situation for your own personal benefit, that’s pretty creepy. So for me and Joey to be in a relationship like we had before where we were super tight and super best friends, I can’t ever trust him that way. I’m very much an extremist, I either love you, or I don’t. asked Joe Budden what he thought about Raqi’s comments and here’s what he had to say: 

Raqi Thunda had a few choice words about you recently, what is your relationship with her?


She said she was once your best friend though.

People say a lot of things. I’m passive in that regard, I kind of just let people say what ever the fuck it is that they’re going to say and I just wait and see how it plays out.

Check back tomorrow to hear what Joe had to say about his ex-flame Tahiry, and hear what Tahiry had to say about her ex Joe and their new nemesis Raqi Thunda.

Love and Hip Hop 3 airs Mondays at 8pm EST on VH1!

-CourtneyBrown (@CourtneyBrown)