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After becoming Rookie of the Year and having one of the biggest Hip-Hop albums of the year and seeing it go gold, what is next? For Kendrick Lamar, the silver screen just might be the answer. In a recent interview with GQ, the Compton rapper discusses a possible short film in the works to go along with his debut album, good kid, m.A.A.d. city. He discusses who he wants to play a couple of the roles. With visuals being set to his hit debut album, Kendrick will have his fans wanting more than just a short film.



GQ: The album is out and praised. What’s next?

Kendrick Lamar: Visuals… When I call it a short film, I don’t just call it that for the sake of the album. So that’s a hint.


GQ: Are you going to act in it, star in it, direct it?

Kendrick Lamar: Directing for sure. I haven’t really thought about starring in it… I can, because it is me and my life.


GQ: Let’s say you weren’t going to star in it and you could have anyone in the world, who would you have play yourself?

Kendrick Lamar: Anyone in the world? It would have to be somebody… there’s one kid on The Wire, Tristan Wilds [who played Mike Lee].


GQ: Who would you have play your mom?

Kendrick Lamar: I probably get Taraji Henson.


GQ: Okay, okay. Sharane?

Kendrick Lamar: I would love to see Rihanna in my movie [laughs]. Looking at this cover right here, man.



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-Geneva Perezcastaneda (@geevabeba)

Photo By: Michael Allin

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