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The entertainment industry is one big relationship. This is a fact that Aubrey Green, a music manager from Woodbury, NJ, has come to know all too well. This small town native is making big leagues moves with the AubGreen Collective, a start-up management and artist development company. Though Aubrey’s company launched in 2012, he’s no stranger to the music industry. Connected to the music business for more than a decade, he has worked his way into becoming a major force. Within about two years, this one-man team has managed to lead his artists on the right path, get them placed on top media and entertainment outlets and strategically pick successful platforms for them to shine. Most notably, Apollo The Great, a hip-hop artist from Camden, NJ, who has been seen on everything from BET to MTV2 and more. Grab a pen and take notes as Aubrey Green discusses key points on his come up and leaves a couple of jewels behind.


-Danitha Jones (@LifeLikeJones)

How did you get your start in the industry?

I was blessed to be around some folks who really had an impact behind the scenes in the music industry. Growing up, the person I looked at as a father figure was my older cousin Hakim Green of Channel Live. He had me around KRS-One, Redman, Naughty By Nature and others at a young age. He was key in the careers of video director Benny Boom, R&B singer Carl Thomas and a few others. I was introduced to the likes of Eric Nicks, Chris Lighty and James Cruz when I was 17/18 years old. I was touring with artists by 20/21 years old. I started off carrying bags then it led to tour managing, then booking and so forth.

At what point did you realize you wanted to pursue management? 

I would say at about 19/20 years old. I remember being around some successful managers. I’m inspired by the careers of Jeff Robinson, Chris Lighty, Hex Murda and Mark Pitts. I was interested in being the catalyst in an artist’s career. I was interested in new artists, the game planning and execution of rolling out an album release and things of that nature.

How long have you been working with Apollo The Great? Do you have other artists on your roster? 

I’ve been working with Apollo The Great for 2 years. I’m satisfied in the direction he’s going in. From MTV2 to “The Backroom” on 106 & Park to videos debuting on the BET countdown, Apollo has got some great looks. Now, we just are in the transition to taking it to the next level. As for other artists I’m working with, there’s an artist out of San Francisco, NATE. He’s a dope artist. He recently won the MTVu Freshman Pick.

What’s the process of getting an artist placed on these different media outlets?

As far as the websites, blogs, Shade45, MTV, BET etc., it is heavily based on relationship as well as quality music. I have known some of the people at these publications for years so to get a fair listen is not hard to do but it doesn’t guarantee a posting, interview or feature. I know there are sites that charge artists for posting but to me that just means anyone with a couple hundred dollars can be on that platform. That’s a big factor in this day of the industry being watered down. But when you deal with real journalism such as The Source, Complex Magazine, XXL, Fader…you can’t pay for a post. These writers do research, they watch your previous work, they are in tune with the growth of an artist, which takes you way farther than paying a website for “exposure.”

Why not let a PR handle the placement process?

Eventually I will get a publicist when its time for it. Right now, I handle all of Apollo’s placements and for the most part he has received some great looks. When the budget allows I definitely will assemble a team of people that can really assist with being taken to the next level.

One of your main duties is artist development, what advice do you have for artists that may want these media outlets to take a look at them?

Everything has to be lined up correctly. Presentation is everything. Rather than have your homeboy shoot a video for you because he has a camera, get someone who actually shoots quality videos. Make sure the content looks and sounds good. Send out press releases. With press, I’m realizing that you only really have one chance with them to make a lasting impression. Consistency is key as well.

Where do you hope to see yourself in a few years?

I’m getting into film and music distribution right now. I like the excitement of giving newcomers a shot. I want to be a platform where artists and movie directors can go and we assist them in getting their product to the masses.

For other managers on the come-up, what tips can you give to them?

Have a plan, and stick to it. Be patient and know that everything won’t fall into place overnight.

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