Could we be getting a Beg For Mercy 2?

If this is really happening, God has definitely been listening to my prayers intently. Growing up in Queens in the early 2000’s, you had to be a G-Unit fan. I mean, just about everyone was a G-Unit fan, but if you were from NYC, Beg For Mercy was required listening. In my opinion, it still is.

In a recent interview with Billboard, 50 spoke about the headphones business – his failed investment in Sleek Audio, and his new SMS Audio line and its most recent investor and partner, Timbaland.  He also touches on his upcoming album, Street King Immortal, saying that it is definitely dropping on February 26th. 

But the best was saved for last – 50 said there was a good chance of him and his G-Unit clique reuniting.

“People grow in different directions, they have different agendas about things they want to do and they’re sorting themselves out in that way and I’m focused on things that are important to me right now, but there’s a strong possibility there will be a G-Unit [collaboration] with the three of us. But right now, I’m focused on my solo project.”

 First the new Justin Timberlake x Timabaland album news, now this? Yeah, 2013 is a magical year.

Kaitlin Stevens

Read the full interview over at Billboard.

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