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Big news this week for Waka Flocka fans, as he has revealed that his upcoming LP Flockaveli Part 2 is completed and slated for a 2013 release date. He also announced his plans to release his new mixtape DuFlocka Rant Part 2 in February.  Continuing this week with the Top 5, I was able to talk to Waka about his favorite characters from the big screen.  He’s got a pretty eclectic and funny list of characters from all over that definitely make this a quality Top 5.

    1. Homeless Guy– “Big Daddy”: I think we can all agree that Adam Sandler has a collection of classics under his belt and Waka recalls the character Steve Buscemi played as being one of his favorites.  

    2. Pookie – “New Jack City”: Flocka takes it back to the classics with this pick mentioning Chris Rock’s character in “New Jack City” as another standout role. 

  3. Pootie Tang – “Pootie Tang”: Lance Crouther as Pootie Tang makes the cut in Flocka’s Top 5, as we can all probably agree that it was a memorable role that has been referenced in numerous tracks by today’s biggest artists.


4. Thurman Merman – “Bad Santa”: The little kid in “Bad Santa” was hilarious and Waka thought so too picking him as another favorite.  

5. O-Dog – “Menace II Society”: Rounding out his Top 5, Waka chooses O-Dog from last week’s Throwback Movie “Menace II Society.” 

What do you all think of his Top 5? Definitely some funny picks! Keep on the look out for Waka Flocka’s mixtape coming out February 5th

Ben Lester (bjams11)