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Video has surfaced online of the One Nation LP recording sessions, and today we a glimpse of what they were like. For those who don’t know the One Nation LP was an album idea of Tupac and Duck Down showcasing the unity of the East Coast and West Coast. The album was placed on the back burner after Tupac’s murder, but what happened to the songs? The music has come out as individual songs since then, never as a full commercial project. 


The film in the video above/below was captured by Gobi M. Rahimi who spent time as Tupac’s videographer during the rapper’s last days. Rahimi is currently working on releasing a documentary titled 7 Dayz that covers Pac’s last week on Earth. Check the video above to see Pac meeting with Dru Ha, Buckshot, and other Duck Down members above, while the bottom videos feature a video of the recording session and the 7 Dayz trailer.    

If you want to contribute to the production of 7 Dayz you can head over to Gobi Rahimi’s kickstarter page to make a donation.  



– John McAuliffe (@John_Mac310)