In honor of the 10th anniversary of 50 Cent’s debut album “Get Rich or Die Tryin’” we chose “Get Rich or Die Tryin’” as the Throwback Movie of the week.  50 Cent made his debut into the movie industry with an autobiographical film about his own life.  The story follows 50 Cent’s character Marcus, who lives as an inner city drug dealer and attempts to break out of the lifestyle to pursue his dreams of rapping.  Terrence Howard joins alongside 50 as an inmate he befriends in jail.  Despite being shot down by critics, “Get Rich or Die Tryin’” gained a cult following and remains a standout in 50’s career.

The soundtrack to “Get Rich or Die Tryin,’” received a positive reaction from critics and became a commercial success for going 3X platinum.  It features 50 Cent and the rest of his G-Unit label. 

Take a look back at “Get Rich or Die Tryin’” in the trailer below.  

Ben Lester (bjams11)