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Highlighting Key People In Hip-Hop

Don’t Be Safe isn’t just the title of Trinidad Jame$’s debut mixtape, it’s also the attitude DJ Dirrt approaches his life in the music industry with everyday. Hence, his ability to spot and push talent before anyone else in the industry is watching. When it comes to his ear, he played a major role in rise of southern artists such as Yelawolf, Freddie Gibbs and Pill. And now, he’s behind hip-hop’s latest sensation: Trinidad Jame$. Born in Atlanta but currently residing in New York City, Dirrt can be heard every Wednesday on an EVR radio show called Ballers Eve, which is named after his brand that has been around for close to a decade. After constantly running into people and making crucial connects, he decided to venture into management three years ago with his first artist. Learning from that experience, Dirrt alongside co-managers Fly & Mister Ross have plans to continue painting the world gold. Find out how he landed his current position and also, how he functions in this role. Take notes.

How did you meet Trinidad Jame$?
I met him through Twitter. He tweeted an artist I roll with named Grip Plyaz one day asking him to check out his song “All Gold Everything” back in June. I thought it was dope. I put it on my radio show Ballers Eve. I was getting calls from Universal Records two days later. It wasn’t long before we started setting up meetings with these labels. From there, we got the ball rolling.


How should an artist go about creating a buzz?
They should take advantage of all of the outlets that’s out there and do it the right way, especially all of the social media platforms. Make sure that everything you put out there is good for your brand. Always keep your brand in mind.

With all the flak that Trinidad James received from the industry and hip-hop fans, how did you handle it as a manager?
You just have to put your head down and work. When you get crazy criticism like that, that’s when it’s really time to work. Don’t pay attention to what’s going on, don’t pay attention to the hype. You can’t get caught up in that bullsh*t.

What’s a day in your life like?
Right now, I’m on tour. It’s a lot different from my life in the city. I’m on a bus with 8 different dudes. We have shows every night. This is Trinidad’s first tour. My life at home is spent with my twin boys and wife. That’s my real life. I hang out with my kids, get the day going by taking calls, doing events, DJing, radio. If it’s nice out I might try to push around the hood on my skateboarding…if I have it in me.

What advice can you give managers on the come up?
I would tell them not to waste time on an artist that’s not ready.

What’s next for you?
My main focus is getting this ship to sail properly and getting Trinidad James set to where he’s comfortable. After we drop the official album, I’m going to focus a little on my brand, Ballers Eve and work at expanding it.

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Photo credit: Patrick “30 Pack” Buckle
-Danitha Jones (@LifeLikeJones)

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