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Kendrick Lamar Thinks Kanye Should’ve Been Higher On Hottest MCs List


All week MTV has begun heated debates all around the industry about their annual “Hottest MCs” list, which includes Kanye West at number 7, and more recently, Drake, Nas and Rick Ross at numbers 5, 4 and 3 respectively. Left coast emcee Kendrick Lamar will undoubtedly (and by undoubtedly we mean only by some miraculous failure of numerous brain functions on MTV’s part, Kendrick doesn’t make this list) take one of the top two spots, the other going to 2 Chainz (also another relatively solid assumption). Before numbers 1 and 2 are announced later on today, Kendrick had the chance to chop it up with Rap-Up while shooting a video for T.I.’s “Memories Back Then”, which also features his label mate B.o.B.

During his interview, Kendrick agrees Kanye should’ve been higher on the list, but later admitted he’s not exactly sure what the criteria is. We all know what Kanye himself thinks, what do you think? Is Kanye too low, or too high for that matter? And who do you think will take the top spot, Kendrick Lamar or 2 Chainz? Let us know.

-Khari Nixon (@KingVanGogh)