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Lil Kim calls Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg to promote her new artist, Tiffany Fox.

It was all smiles and laughs in the beginning between Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg and female rapper Tiffany Fox, that is until Lil Kim called in after a long night at the studio to answer some questions.


Rosenberg fairly warned her “Now Kim, you know I would never give you a hard time,” following up with his second question (around 2:16) regarding Lil Kim’s status with Nicki Minaj, which Queen B didn’t take kindly to.

“Let me tell you something. I’m about to shut you down right now,” Kim stated.

The immediate response from Rosenberg was, “Oh God.”

Although Kim was very serious in her tone when she stated that bringing up other people’s ‘drama’ or ‘situations’ takes the light away from female artists and takes away their “nice shot.”

 There were no hard feelings after as Rosenberg got another quick question in before Lil Kim had to hang up and turn the tables to the St. Louis native Tiffany Foxx who ended the session talking on her track “Twisted,” Miley Cyrus and a dope, but graphic, freestyle. 

Check it all out below. 

– John Weber (@JohnPaulWeber)