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Is the NFL about to get softer? 

The NFL is still on there player safety tip and that in turn may take away one of most highlighted plays out of the game. The NFL is proposing a penalty for running backs who use the crown of their helmet to run through tacklers. The rule in place would make it a 15-yard penalty on the running back if they’re outside the tackle box or at least 3-yards down field. 


So far Emmitt Smith, Marshall Faulk, and current Bears running back Matt Forte have criticized the idea calling it either absurd, or ridiculous. Jim Brown has supported the rule based on the fact that he never used the crown of his helmet to get through a tackler. Competition committee co-chairman Jeff Fisher’s reasoning supports Brown’s style of play saying, 

“We’re trying to bring the shoulder back into the game.” 

Though running backs are clamoring for this rule not to happen, if Commissioner Roger Goodell wants it to go through it will. What do you think, is the NFL going soft? Or are you supporting this rule? Let The Source know.


– John McAuliffe (@John_Mac310)