Virginia Illuminati

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Hey must be the Illuminati!

In todays Hip-Hop scene, a lot of the talk is often claimed to be that of the illuminati. Whether it be Kanye West or Jay-Z, much of the “talk” is their success is attributed that their success is that of their ties to secret society… what happened to just having G.O.O.D. Music? See what we did there?


A Virginia based aspiring rapper made a bold move shooting his friend in hopes that this would be the only way into the rap game. Wafeeq Sabir El-Amin made the ultimate attempt of “sacrificing” his friend so that his rap career would take off…. you can’t make this stuff up. This past December, El-Amin, 27, reportedly cornered his friend claiming, “You are my sacrifice” before firing a shot directed at his head. The bullet would puncture the “friends” hand and lead to an all out wrestling fest over control of the weapon.

The trial is set for this June… El-Amin explains he has no memory of what occurred that night of the shooting. Upon search of his home, El-Amin was charged with possession of a pound of marijuana along with an extensive amount of material on the illuminati. Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Thomas L. Johnson explained “that the trial will delve into the hip-hop music culture and the notion that a secret society called the Illuminati has control over the success of some performers.”

– Sean Lynch (@Kiddfuture)