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As the threat of gun violence steadily increases across the country, lawmakers, community leaders, and citizens have run into dead ends when it comes to solving the problem of illegal guns in America’s communities. Yesterday, The Source Magazine, in conjunction with Family Tree Entertainment’s Michael “Blue” Williams, held a press conference to discuss “Guns 4 Greatness”, the first ever private sector gun buy back initiative within the City of New York.

Held in the Christian Cultural Center in Canarsie, Brooklyn, the press had an opportunity to hear from everyone who has a hand the G4G program, a community based plan designed to help get illegal guns off the streets. Along with Williams, Rev. A.R. Bernard of the Christian Cultural Center, Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, former federal prosecutor Ken Thompson, and The Source’s own Londell L. McMillan led the discussion on the most practical means of eliminating guns from the hands of misguided youth in the streets of NYC.


“America is only 5% of the world’s population, but it owns over 50% of the world’s guns. It’s time to act”, says Congressman Jeffries. Blue Williams pointed out the fact that the NYPD, Commissioner Kelly, and Mayor Bloomberg has challenged those within the community to help solve this communal crisis and the program’s supporters vow that this will not only help get guns off the street, but it will aid in redirecting the youth towards positive decision making.

“The goal of Guns 4 Greatness is to give rewards out for being on a positive path, but also to let you know that you to do the work”, says Williams. “Nothing is going to come to you unless your doing the work. That’s the problem that we’re facing in society today. The American culture is completely enthralled in trying to get what they want quickly. They’re trying to get quick rewards without a lot of work and that’s not real.

” The Guns 4 Greatness buy back initiative is only one aspect of the program. Mentoring services will also be available for young men and women who turn in their guns during the program.

The Guns 4 Greatness gun buy back will begin held on Saturday, March 30 at the Christian Cultural Center at 12020 Flatlands Avenue in Brooklyn from 10am-4pm. Any one who returns an illegal gun can do so without any legal recourse and receive a $200 gift certificate for a working weapon and $100 for a non-working weapon.

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)