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Last night’s episode of The Gossip Game featuring our Editor-In-Chief Kim Osorio, left us gagging at some of the comments flying around dring the 3rd episode. Special requests were made, shots were taken, and bad advice was given. Here’s our top one liners that had us rolling over in laughter and others that left us scratching our heads.

1. Kay Foxx decides to update her friends om her altercation with Ebro from Hot 97. During her confessional, she admites, “I cant fake the funk on a nasty dunk.” Kay Foxx dated herself with that line. Word to Shaq!


2. Kino decides to wine and dine his wife in order to prepare her for his spicy proposition. Kino claims the idea came to fruition when he discovered he had a grey d**k hair and felt they should explore their sex lives before they got old. “We have the same old sex.” TMI Kino!

3. Angela Yee decides to meet with Ms Drama expecting an apology, but instead–much to her dismay she’s invited to the unveiling of Ms Drama’s ‘new look’. “I’m interested to see who’s going to come to this party.”

4. During Ladies Night Out, ‘Your Highness Sharon Carpenter’ informs the other women that she has scored an exclusive interview with The Notorious B.I.G.’s daughter, Tionna Wallace. “Its going to be an exclusive, she’s done an interview with Kay Foxx…” JasFly notes, “I think Sharon is a little delusional about the space she currently works in..you’re at Global Grind boo!” Ouch.

5. Kim arrives at Ms Drama’s struggle photo shoot. Kim notes, “I walk im and she’s in that weird zipper outfit…I’m in a twilight zone,” Not one to mince her words nicely, Kim adds, “That’s a lot of image stuff, and I’m into that…but I’m more into the work these days. You gotta have the work to back it up.” ‘Take heed Ms Drama’, Kim has been there done that.

6. Angela Yee visits Sharon at her apartment for girl talk. Sharon tells Angela that the date she set her up on stood her up. ANgela suggests he buys flowers, but Sharon says and he could redeem himself if he brought her a $10,000 painting she likes. Angela advises, “You might be pushing it Sharon, for $10,000 you gotta put out!”

7. Sharon is ready to go mainstream. “I would like to be like Ryan Seacrest…but a little more credible.” -_-

8. Kim and Kino double date with Vivian and Kraze. Kino insists that Kim said she would wait for marriage to have sex which she didn’t and she agreed to have a threesome after 10 years. Kino tries to get Kim to repeat, ‘Dookey Love’ to which Kim insists. “I’m not into Dookey Love.””

9. Ms Drama celebrates her new look at her party and Angela Yee and Sharon are not amused. I can’t even believe my eyes. Shes trying to show this new side of her but the last thing I think of when I think of Ms Drama is sexy.”

10. Angela drinks and giggles her way through Ms Drama’s party that she calls premature. Sharon and Angela wonder if Drama has ever given oral sex to completion. They call Drama over and commence to drill her. “When’s the last time you had sex?” Forward much?

11. During an intimate night at home, Kim brings her partner for their threesome–Clara a plastic blow up doll. Kim decides to discuss the topic with Kino telling him the topic is closed. “Haven’t you had enough before me?” Kino urns the night around and admits, he doesn’t want a threesome it was all just a test. Sure Kino!

– @CourtneyBrown

The Gossip Game airs Monday nights on VH1 at 9pm!

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