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A Poisonous Letter Addressed To The President Leads To A Capitol Hill Shut Down

In the wake of Senator Roger Wicker’s poisoned mail police have reportedly come across two separate ricin laced letters, one specifically addressed to President Barack Obama. There is an off-site facility in D.C. that screens incoming mail sent to Capitol Hill and other state and federal offices.

The FBI has performed further tests on the letters because the tests at the facility may come up as false positives. The plant toxin Ricin is found in the seed of a castor plant and causes organ failure when ingested. The events occurring in Boston has everyone fearing for the worst and with malice intended behind the events in Washington D.C. the country is in a state of shock and an ominous pause lumes in the nations capital.


The FBI adds that there is no indication of a possible connection to the bombing at the finish line of the Boston marathon.

Virgilio Mendez