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This past Wednesday, at Cornell University, industry insiders–including The Source’s publisher Londell McMillan–were present in midtown to speak on a panel at a forum discussing the development of hip-hop as a music genre and a culture, and the social responsibilities its participants possess.

Flanked with a who’s who of hip-hop veterans, including DJ Rich Medina, Michael Seltzer (Senior VP at Universal Music Group) and Antoinette Trotman (Senior Director of Business & Legal Affairs at Island Def Jam), among others, the panel touched on numerous issues in pop culture, including Rick Ross’ recent predicament with Reebok, Lil’ Wayne’s place in hip-hop culture, hip-hop & pop replacing rock & roll as the predominant genre of music in popular American society, and the genius minds of music pioneers such as Lyor Cohen and Jay-Z.


The progress hip-hop made from being a predominantly localized movement to a global fixture was also discussed, as the industry experts examined how quickly hip-hop became an extremely lucrative method for large corporations to generate revenue through advertisements and concerts.

-Khari Nixon (@KingVanGogh)


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