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Grammy Award winning emcee and actress Lauryn Hill get eviction notice for her New Jersey mansion just days before she is sentenced to prison for tax fraud.

As if things couldn’t get any worse for Ms. Hill.


Less than a week before she is sentenced for her tax fraud case, Grammy award winning emcee and cultural icon Lauryn Hill is being sued for eviction by her landlord at her South Orange, NJ mansion. The former Fugee female had been renting out the plush multi-million dollar pad since 2009, but when she didn’t pay her rent last month, her landlord filed for eviction immediately.

Since she has already plead guilty to tax fraud, Lauryn will receive a minimum of a year in federal prison and the outcome of the eviction case won’t make much difference in her living arrangements.

Lauryn Hill is scheduled for sentencing on April 22. Stay tuned to for updates.

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)