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English Premier League Bitegate

Luis Suarez for the second time in his life tried to channel his inner Mike Tyson. No he didn’t knock his opponent out rather he opted to take a bite out of him. It would appear that in the video Suarez became upset with Ivanovic’s defense and went to bite the defender’s arm.


What makes this sequence so odd is that; a.) Suarez has bit an opponent before b.) How could a player of such skill resort to that?

Back in 2010 Suarez bit an opponent during his time with Ajax, Suarez served a seven-match ban for his actions. What was a great performance by Suarez (one goal and one assist) will now be marred by this, along with hurting his team as he could serve another ban.

Sometimes you just wonder what is going on in some of these athlete’s heads.


– John McAuliffe (@John_Mac310)