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The Beehive has been buzzing for the past few days after learning that their leader, Beyonce, was assaulted by fans during her world tour.



Footage of Beyonce walking through the crowd of eager fans in Serbia has surfaced and allegedly the singer was slapped & had her hair pulled as she made her way to the stage. In the video, you do see someone caress Bey’s face but in my opinion, this just looks like regular Beyonce fans in action trying to get some kind of contact with her. Not much of an assault but we all know how rumors go. Despite everything, Beyonce still makes her way to the stage and puts on her show, I’m sure if she felt she was in any danger she would’ve taken matters further.
You can take a look at the video below and determine for yourself if the fans really had it out for her.

-Shenae Craig (@xCurry08)