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Wiz Khalifa’s legal advice came in a little too late for his own good.



Earlier this month, TMZ reported that rapper Wiz Khalifa was attempting to sue concert promoters It’s My Party Inc., but apparently the case was dismissed. Wiz claims the company booked him for a show at George Mason University and promised him $85,000 and a cut from the profits but pulled the plug on the gig at the last minute and left him without a check.

Wiz & his people decided they would sue the company for a million dollars while claiming that the cancellation of the show seriously damaged his reputation. Its My Party Inc. fired back at Wiz saying that the tickets never went on sale and no contract was signed in regards to the show so they have no obligations.

After the case was reviewed by a judge, it was dismissed in Its My Party’s favor saying that there’s no case without a contract.

In an interview, Wiz stated that he’s been getting legal advice from credible sources to avoid issues like these again. “Right now, I’m learning to sue people and get my money,” he told the publication. “After talking to people who work for Donald Trump — smart, successful people — I’ve realized I gotta go after all that. That’s what I’m going to do that I didn’t last year.”

These days, you would think losing 85K is the least of Wiz Khalifa’s problems seeing how he’s one of hip-hop as well as pop music’s biggest stars and is preparing for his second Under The Influence Tour starting this summer.