Gang intervention documentary set to debut in Ca. this week

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Homeboy Industries has worked extensively to empower high-risk, formerly gang-related men and women. The East Los Angeles-based, non-profit works to reinforce the humanity beyond the rag of gang-affiliation. Father Greg Boyle founded the organization in 2001. Since its inception, national acclaim has followed, due to the authentic and enduring efforts invested into its clientele.


Seven defined services are offered by Homeboy Industries. These vary from tattoo removal to Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Domestic Violence Services. Free social services are provided to the clients. They are helped to discover and reinforce their personal strengths, learn useful job skills, and encouraged to become contributing community members.

Serving as a conduit to hope and rehabilitation, Homeboy Industries, encourages its clients to set goals. These goals can be anything from earning a high school diploma or GED to appearing on a television show. In the past, some of its clients have worked with the popular police-based drama, Southland.

Charlie Beck, LAPD Chief, will appear in the season finale of Southland. According to, Chief Beck, earned more than a thousand dollars for his cameo appearance. That money will be donated to Homeboy Industries.

Lovingly referred to as G-Dog by his homies, Father Boyle, is a true visionary. The devout humanitarian has worked extensively with Academy Award-winning filmmaker, Freida Lee Mock, to create the documentary G-Dog. The film delivers an engaging story of how a white Jesuit priest became an expert in urban gang culture.

Thursday, April 25th at 7:30P for a special screening of G-Dog will premiere at Laemmle Monica 4-Plex in Santa Monica, Ca. A Q/A session will promptly follow. Selected theatres throughout the nation will screen the film.

-Niki Gatewood(@Niki_G)