Wisdom Understanding All being Born to Power.

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Peace! Today’s Mathematics is Wisdom Understanding all being Born to Power. With Wisdom being the mental and physical manifestation of one’s Knowledge, the purpose of one’s intelligent words, ways and actions is to ultimately being forth Understanding. This is the concisely clear picture that is seen in the third eye, which is none other than the mind. When one’s words and behavior have the ability to bring forth this mental comprehension within someone around them, this is the evidence of Power. Power is simply the ability to bring about change and the most effective form used to do that in this day and time is the Truth.


Besides the fact that we are one week into the Boston Marathon tragedy, the Hip Hop community must keep in mind that a subconscious, negative suggestion was made about our music in the media in reference to the bombing in Beantown. Hip Hop is just as influential on terrorist activity as rock n’ roll is on American politics, but the truth is that the culture born in the slums of the South Bronx has affected every aspect of global culture in its mere 40 years of existence. It’s just a ugly look when you have cats like Shyhiem the Rugged Child, who has repped the legendary Wu Tang Clan in the booth and on the silver screen, getting bagged with illegal guns, heroin, and prescription pills because that makes outsiders think that’s what the culture is about. He’s not the only one and the sad truth is that it’s more of the accepted norm that just an exception. As for the Uncle Murda threat to Suge on “Do Sumthin“, I don’t see taking him out as a good idea. If he can get him to admit who he’s working for and take care of them, then that would be impressive. Shout out to Lauryn for getting a second chance. Words of Wisdom for Jim Jones: It’s 2013, homie. We can’t burn in the vee anymore.

Wisdom Understanding is the science of taking you personal resources and making them useful. That is the proof of your mental and physical powers. No one is responsible to fulfill the role of others and when people fulfill what they’re prescribed to do, everyone’s originality will shine. Peace!