music junkieFinding yourself is one of the most important realizations you can come across in your life. Now that I’ve worked in this music industry for a decent amount of time, I’ve learned more about myself than any other time in my life. My patience has grown because I’ve come to realize diligence and patience pays off in this industry. This past Saturday was the last show of the Beast Coastal Tour with Joey Bada$$, Pro Era, Flatbush Zombies, and The Underachievers. The last show was sold out at Gramercy Theatre and the place was packed. I stood at the back of the stage almost in tears to see how far my friends and colleagues had come from doing underground small shows in Brooklyn, to selling out big venues with fans rapping every single lyric.

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The boys didn’t take playing performing in their home town lightly and brought out some of Worlds Fair, Bodega Bamz and the Tanboys, and a few others. The show as full of the some of the biggest names in the industry trying to get a view of the New New York movement. The show went out with a bang and the tour was over after two months of traveling through both coasts. The groups gathered together backstage to celebrate their achievement as cameras surrounded them to capture every moment.

The tour was over and I was able to come back to work. The office had gone through a few changes and as some of you will learn, it only takes one day, maybe even half a day for this industry to make some sudden changes. Some you might be able to adjust to and others you might not be able to stand for. I just know I will continue to make a name for myself in this music industry I’ve come to love and consider myself lucky when I’m being asked to cover some of the biggest shows of the week. My lesson this week, appreciate your blessings and don’t sweat the small stuff….especially the small people that don’t define your career.


-Music Junkie