Today’s Mathematics is Wisdom Culture all being Born to Equality


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Peace! Today’s Mathematics is Wisdom Culture all being Born to Equality. Wisdom is the continuous flow of the Supreme Mathematical process which is the constant activation of the infinite realm of Knowledge. Simply put, it is the unique way that every individual shows what they know. Culture is a natural way of life that is reflective in one’s name, language, and customs. Bringing these two principles into cohesion brings forth Equality, which is to deal with everything in life using Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding.

In today’s society, it’s easy to give recognition to to all of the negative that exists within our society because there is so much of it. You really have to do your research to find something that is manifesting a positive Equality in society. So much of the world lives embroiled in conflict, it’s hard to see those who have Wisely navigated through life during this day and time in a positive way. On that note, we must send a soldier salute to Mumia Abu Jamal on his 59th Born day. He is an international centerpiece in the struggle against the “domestic terrorism” experienced by the Original people in America. Shout out to Ginger Howard, the youngest Black professional female golfer, the brothers from Africa that invented the anti-malaria soap, and a big 21 gun buss for The Roots and their “Things Fall Apart” album being certified platinum.


Wisdom Culture is the Original way that each person shows their contribution to society. If it’s negative, keep it to yourself! We have enough of that infecting society nowadays. 24 inches Equal 2 feet. Stand on your own two and show your Equality to the world. Peace!