What’s better than listening to one of your favorite songs as your catching carpal tonal playing video games? Well, a lot of things, but bumping to good music is essential to the video game experience. They come together even in first person combat games as defeating your opponent when your power song bleeds through the speakers adds a taste of drama to the moment. Integrating hip hop into video game soundtracks has been recently gaining more steam in the marketing and advertising drive to reach a larger market. Jay-Z executively producing the 2K13 soundtrack and Kendrick Lamar teaming up with Madden and the NFL in promotional efforts for the video game have highlighted the most recent hip hop curated video game ventures. We at The Source have put together a list consisting of 25 of the best hip hop songs in video games throughout recent history. Take a look and see our selection of worthy tunes.

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Virgilio Mendez (@REGULARGUYV)

Anthony Murray (@MichaelAJPollo)