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DJ Self, also known as “The Prince of NY” has been killing the club scene for several years in New York City. From the clubs to the radio to the mixtapes, Self has a work ethic that is admirable and very well respected in the industry. The Prince of New York not only credits his own grind, but he understands the value of having a strong team behind him.
We caught up with the DJ Self in between his busy schedule to find out what drives his success and how he balances his time with all the activities he has going on.

Roger Krastz @walldoe


What was it like growing up during the Golden Era of Hip-Hop?
The golden era of hip-hop to me was from 93-94 till 2000. That was when I felt music was good, and everybody enjoyed each others company. The collaboration of artist including the beat making of different producers was more authentic and people really cared about their craft instead of how they looked.

What was that moment that inspired you to pursue a career as a DJ?
We used to have them local recreational parties at the rec center with my boys. I would walk into the center with four of my guys, and I would leave at the end of the night with a few phone numbers and the same four guys I would come in with, and I used to see the DJ and he would leave the spot with two or three girls, so my thing was I must be doing something wrong!

Was there a particular DJ and record, that motivated you to become a club DJ?
The DJ I used to love and still love is Kid Capri, and the record that made me want to DJ was “I got to have it” by ED OG. At the time I was young and didn’t know too much, but once I started getting into my DJ mode that record became Jay-Z’s “Do It Again.”

How’s life for you on the radio?
It’s stressful at times because everybody swears that their record is a hit and you can’t please everyone. Everybody feels like I work for them, or that am their situation and I feel like me being a DJ am there to help people’s situation, not be their situation.

Your mic game is a huge part of your set. How important is the microphone to you as a DJ?
Your mic sets you apart from other DJ’S, and as DJ’s we all have the same music in this day in age, the only thing different is your DJ set and the way you play your music. The mic helps you transition into records, so if your mic game isn’t crazy your probably wack.

As of right now, what’s that record that you throw on to turn up the party?
“Birthday Song” by 2 Chainz, and always and forever Juvenile’s “Back that azz up.”

What’s the driving force behind your name Prince of New York?
I used to DJ under a guy named Goldfinger. At the time Goldfinger was the hottest club DJ in New York, and one day he kept on calling me the prince. From there I attended a mixtape award show and MR.Cee got on the mic and said “Yo this guy is truly the prince of New York” and it just stamped it from there.

How do you manage to cover all the activities you have going on from radio to mixtapes to clubs?
You got to have a great team, and one thing I say often is that you got to follow the 5 P’s. Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance, so if you prepare yourself the right way to do different things you know the outcome will be great!