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Name: Cornell Iral Haynes Jr. aka Nelly


Foundation: 4Sho4Kids Foundation (non-profit) and The Jes Us 4 Jackie Campaign

No stranger to philanthropy, Nelly has made it known that he is committed to giving back to the community for years to come. He created a non-profit foundation titled 4Sho4Kids, which sole intention is to help children born addicted to drugs and children with development disabilities.

Secondly, the St. Louis native has created a campaign entitled “Jes Us 4 Jackie,” which educates the importance of bone marrow transplants and why more African-Americans should register to be donors. The campaign was inspired after Nelly’s sister was diagnosed with leukemia.

He’s also endorsed Do Something’s “Tackle For Hunger Campaign” (Do Something is a non profit whose goal is to motivate the youth to become active citizens and leaders in their community), which fights teen hunger by collecting food for holiday seasons. Nelly has shown over the last 10 years that he is committed to improving the lives of others by using his influence for a greater cause.

For 7 years, Nelly has thrown a “White and Black Ball” affair as a fundraiser to collect funds for scholarships. He’s utilized his celebrity connect to craft a networking environment with rappers, community leaders, and stakeholders for a great charity purpose. Two full tuition scholarships are were rewarded during the ball to Lindenwood University. The fundraising affair is set to take place for 5 more years due to its expansion every year. The White and Black Ball is also a platform to spread awareness about 4Sho4kids foundation, Jes Us 4 Jackie campaign, and Tackle For Hunger campaign.

We applaud Nelly’s efforts and we need more rappers to contribute just the same. The power of influence artists withhold sometimes is beyond their own reasoning of what they believe they are capable of. Nelly has created commendable alternatives on how to harness his celebrity, accolades, and network to empower others. Salute to the St. Lunatic!

Nelly’s 7th Annual White and Black Ball

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