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You don’t rap better than these guys.

Mac Miller gets the lead picture of this post for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the first single from his upcoming Watching Movies With The Sound Off album was released this past Monday, titled “SDS (Somebody Do Something), and it was a good one. Often criticized for his lyrical inconsistency, Mac put out a superior single, featuring nobody, flexing his lyrical biceps enough to leave the harshest of critics biting their words. Though Mac didn’t even take the top spot this week, it was a nice change of pace for the Rostrum rep, who, since last spring’s Macadelic, hadn’t put out much worthy of any acclaim. New verses from Ab-Soul, Jay-Z, 2 Chainz, Wale & Danny Brown highlighted a significantly slower week than usual, but were they good enough to make our list?


1. Ab-Soul – “The End Is Near”
“Now we smokin’ by the o, like the letters p and n/Don’t have to start watching CNN, for you to CNN (see an end).

We sat here for about 15 minutes before we found a way to not write Soul’s entire “The End Is Near” verse for this entry. We decided to go with the wordplay this time. Because there will be many next times.

2. Mac Miller – “SDS”
“People sellin’ drugs ’cause they can’t find no job/Wonder if Jesus Christ made a million from selling the cross”.

Highlighting the fact that there’s a serious contradiction between staying true to self and walking the road to riches, Mac treads the religion reference tightrope with ease. Probably while intoxicated. Superb.

3. 2 Chainz – “U.O.E.N.O. (RMX)” by Rocko
“I got half a key in my car, you ain’t even know it/I don’t have a key to my car, that b*tch foreign.”

Deftly utilizing the different pronunciations of the word key (kilo), 2 Chainz probably turns in the best performance one of Rocko’s soon-to-be-infamous remixes.

4. Jay-Z – $100 Bill
“That cheese made us constipated, couldn’t tell us sh*t. Took that, Taylor Swift”

Typical slick talking Hov. This week he side-swipes Taylor Swift’s VMA incident to get his point across.

5. Wale – “Money Stackin'” by Lil’ Reese
“Chop be cookin’ that crack, and talkin’ hard rock and talkin’ that snow (nah)/Chop’ll send me that track, I send that sh*t back in back of that hearse”.

Wale just wants to rap, don’t categorize him.

6. Mac Miller – “The End Is Near” by Ab-Soul
“She a d*ck licker, want my kids in her/She a switch hitter told her bring a b*tch with her”

More expert wordplay from last week’s star.

7. Ab-Soul – “Smoke Again” by Chance The Rapper
“She ain’t left yet but she probably came”

Repeat offender.

8. Killer Mike – “In The A (RMX)”
“Everybody I know from the one and the fo’, the three and the six/Where everybody take money, don’t take sh*t/Pimp n*gga might take yo’ b*tch.

If you don’t know what to expect from A-Town’s rawest spitter by now, you’re fast asleep.

9. T.I. – “Show Out (RMX)” by Juicy J
“Think Jay dirty, I paid thirty, for a one way trip on a plane Thursday.”

Tip wants you to know he can spend money with the best of ’em.

10. Emilio Rojas – “Pray”
“I’ve been eatin’ palm frites off a palm tree/And I don’t bite the hand that feeds unless I palm read.

The NY spitter should have no shortage of spots on future charts if he plays his cards right.

-Khari Nixon (@KingVanGogh)

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