Jason Collins

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Jason Collins announces he’s gay and changes the sports world.


NBA player Jason Collins officially announced he was gay and received an outpour of love and support across the nation.  Recently homosexual men in major sports have been a huge topic mostly in the NFL and whether players should come out.  Collins wrote a well-written article in Sports Illustrated detailing his sexual orientation and his battle with telling the world.  In the year 2013 homosexuality isn’t anything new, in fact people are more out than ever, embracing their sexuality.  Although people are more accepting in the real world, the sports world is another battle.  Men who play major league sports are seen as strong, manly men, something not generally associated with homosexuality although that’s just generalizations.  There’s also the issue of the men having to shower together and have close contact while on the field or court, something that would make their teammates or opponents uncomfortable if they’re gay.  With further understanding and acceptance maybe eventually this will no longer be a problem.

Collins took a major step being the first active NBA player to announce he’s gay.  The news swept the twitterverse and with it came a ton of support from NBA players, former athletes and even former President Bill Clinton and the First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama.  No longer is your sexuality means for you to be shunned.  Instead Collns’ opportunities have grown.  He’s seen as a pioneer, someone who paved the way for future athletes to “come out the closet” and trust me there’s more.  With this revelation, Collins will have requests for numerous interviews, speaking engagements and much more.  He may never play another minute on the court but his life is forever changed.  Not only is a huge weight lifted off his shoulders, he can live his life the way he wants to and receive a whole new world of opportunity.

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