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Famed defense lawyer Lynn Stewart and supporters seek her freedom due to health concerns

Activists, family and friends alike are pushing to have abolitionist attorney Lynn Stewart’s sentence commuted, thereby granting her an early release from prison, so she can better deal with the debilitating disease ravaging her body.


“She is dying of cancer in a Fort Worth prison,” says husband, Ralph Poynter. “The prison authorities have written a letter saying that their doctors feel Lynn Stewart has two more years to live, and when it gets down to eight months they will consider compassionate release… but we understand that if she were released from jail now she could come to a New York hospital for treatment.”

He went on to explain how the 74 year-old progressive lawyer would benefit from being in a warmer environment conducive to healing, rather than the cold concrete and steel climate inside the belly of the beast.

“Many people understand the necessity of homeopathic care,” he stated. “She has been denied this in prison. She said in her own words… ‘In a situation where I have certain privileges, family and economic support; the cancer can be defeated, hopefully, but in a situation where the prison gets between you and your healthcare, there is no chance.”

Mr. Poynter described the horrid conditions which the terminally ill radical endures while traveling to-and-fro medical facilities for chemotherapy treatment wearing ten pounds of steel shackles around her ankles, waist & wrists – chained to each other.

Some of the revolutionary clients society shunned, which she assisted with their court cases – often for little, or no financial compensation… include: cop-corruption victim Larry “Hood Hero” Davis, a number of Black Panther Party, Black Liberation Army and Weather Underground comrades – just to name a few.

Supporters still say Stewart’s Constitutional Right to Freedom of Speech was violated when U.S. District Judge John Koeltl resentenced her to a ten year term after she scoffed, “I can do that standing on my head!” when initially hit with a 28 month sentence after being convicted on conspiracy and providing material support to terrorists charges in 2005.

She acquired them during her client’s case, the Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, who was on trial for seditious conspiracy following the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

According to an e-mail this week from;

“Just last week the warden of Carswell FCI agreed to forward the compassionate release petition to the DOJ. The time to increase the heat is now!”

A petition supporting her early release has been circulating which supporters hope will get the result they seek.

Poynter concludes: “We have to stand up as a people and support those who support us and reject those who say they do, but don’t!”

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petition to free Lynn Stewart

Write to: Lynn Stewart 53504-054

FMC Carswell

P.O. Box 27137

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