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Falcons’ reveal plan for potential stadium

This year the city of Atlanta hosted three major sporting events; the SEC Championship, the NFC Championship, and the 2013 Final Four. With that type of business coming in yearly Atlanta is going to want to get those events again, so it looks like to get that the Falcons will be getting a new stadium. Right now the Falcons have two potential designs for what their new stadium would be and here they are.





Solarium with retractable roof



Of course if you’re getting a new stadium it is going to come with some cool new features. One of those features would be an “100-yard bar” which is designed to give fans in the cheap seats the comfort of their own home. The 100-yard bar will also include seats that vibrate whenever there is a big hit on the field, how sweet is that?


So what do you like better the Pantheon or the Solarium?

– John McAuliffe (@John_Mac310)

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