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The unfortunate plane crash in Afghanistan is rumored to have been caused by inclement weather.

As some of you may have seen, a video of the 747 U.S. cargo plane crash surfaced yesterday. The aircraft took off from Bagram, Afghanistan Monday, free falling and killing all 7 American crew members aboard. The causes of the crash are undetermined, but thunderstorms were in the area. The plane carried 5 military vehicles on the way to Dubai.


One army spokesperson said the crash occurred due to low altitude after takeoff quoting a pilot saying a cargo shift may have contributed. Whether it was the weather, loose cargo, or other factors that prevented the plane from gaining altitude will presumably be determined in NTSB crash assessments.

The Associated Press confirmed those killed included pilots Brad Hasler of Trenton, Mich. and Jeremy Lipka of Brooklyn, Mich.; first officers Jamie Brokaw of Monroe, Mich. and Rinku Summan of Canton, Mich.; loadmaster Michael Sheets of Ypsilanti, Mich.; and maintenance crewman Timothy Garrett of Louisville, Ky.

The Taliban made a fictitious claim saying they were responsible for the plane crash. NATO issued a statement shutting down the false claims. The coalition says the cause of the crash was being investigated, but there was no sign of terrorist activity around the airfield.

In the video, the plane ascends before diverging off course. Eventually the plane swerves and swings a bit before the aircraft turns on its side and plummets down to the earth.

The graphic video can be seen below:

Virgilio Mendez