Visit for more information features rapper, actor, and graf artist CRACK TS aka Fat Joe

There are very few notable artists that are respected in other aspects of Hip Hop culture, especially when it comes to graffiti. Fat Joe aka Joey Crack is known as CRACK TS in the world of graf. Fat Joe has repped the Terror Squad since his days of tagging the walls around Forest projects in the South Bronx when graffiti was at its apex. His work with graf greats such as BIO, NICER, and the rest of the TATS CRU can be found at the Graffiti Wall of Fame, which he founded with famed DJ and fellow graf artist Kay Slay aka DEZ.



CRACK always rocked a classic, clean style of writing, which serves as evidence that the rapper, actor, and Terror Squad general perfected his graf craft when it was fashionable to write.


Still an active writer, Joe Crack gets hounded by graf enthusiasts to paint, and on some occasions, he just gets the fever on his own. He’s claimed to have had graf artists in other countries such as Germany and Spain approach him in the airport and invite him on impromptu excursions.

Fat Joe with Hip Hop icon KRS-One getting up in the background

Last year, CRACK was practically begged by his neighbor Lil Wayne to paint a ‘CRACK’ piece in Wayne’s Miami mansion. Reluctantly, Joe obliged and rocked an official red and pink shadow piece in the skate section of Weezy’s lab.

Fat Joe rockin the piece in Wayne’s crib

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)