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Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge

Peace! Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge. Knowledge is root of all things in existence in the Universe, symbolic to the Original Man’s mind, where the infinite range of Knowledge originates. As the foundation of all things, Knowledge is a prerequisite of life of all forms. The first law of nature is self preservation, which means that all living matter must Know how to survive. Some of this Knowledge is innate, however, it is incumbent that it is sought from the cradle to the grave.


In the manner that America appears to champion education, why would a 16 year old exemplary high school student be expelled, arrested, and tried as an adult for a science project gone wrong? In Bartow, Florida, All of the above happened to Kiera Wilmot when her science experiment accidentally blew up on school property. Is this how school officials and law enforcement intend to motivate children about education? Lil Wayne has been threatened by the family of Emmitt Till, who are pushing for Mountain Dew to pull his endorsement deal for his ignorant usage of the slain 15 year old civil rights icon’s name on the track “Karate Chop”. If Weezy would’ve used his name in a rhyme to educate, he would’ve fared better in terms of his fans and himself. As with anything, the possession of pertinent Knowledge could pose a threat to its possessor. Former Tupac bodyguard Frank Alexander was found dead and there are rumors that he killed himself. Alexander was one of the first people to admit that he believed that Suge Knight was responsible for ‘Pac’s death, as seen on the Pac docs, Tupac: Resurrection and Biggie and Tupac.

Knowledge is the key that unlocks the doors to Understanding; self first, the the Universe. We can learn from anything or anyone,even of its an example of what NOT to do. With Knowledge of self, one is able to predict their own history because now the origin of all that is caused is now known. Ignorance is a poison and the only antidote is Knowledge. Peace!

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)

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