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TheSource.com features all city graf king JA ONE

There are two distinct types of graffiti writers; there are the graf artists and there are Graf bombers. In the Rotten Apple, JA ONE has racked up tens and possibly hundreds of thousands of tags and throw ups all over NYC and the East Coast.



The 40 something year old native New Yorker has been putting in work on the walls of New York for three decades, above and below ground. From the tunnels of the NYC Transit system all the way up to top of the Brooklyn Bridge, you’ll find JA has been there.


Volume has been the key to JA’s fame. His tags can be found in every borough in almost every form; “scratchiti” on subway train windows, permenant markers on mailboxes, and even alongside twenty foot high store signs, as seen below.


JA has been a heavy inspiration to many of today’s writers, along with some of his legendary writing buddies such as SANE(RIP), SMITH, VE(RIP). All of the XTC crew’s tags can be seen in various movies and videos such as Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder’s “Stir Crazy” and Michael Jackson’s “Bad” vid.


-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)