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Today’s Mathematics is Wisdom

Peace! Today’s Mathematics is Wisdom. Only a person with a “Wise-Dome” possesses Wisdom, which is the activation and manifestation of one’s Knowledge. Wisdom is considered kinetic energy because it is potential energy(Knowledge) in motion. Its ability to be seen and heard can be likened to the light of a sun ray, which consistently provides heat and energy wherever it exists. Wisdom is symbolic to the Original Woman because she reflects the light(life) of the Original Man.


Energy cannot be created or destroyed, however, it can change form and on that note, The Source Magazine sends our deepest condolences out to the family and friends of Chris Kelly from Kris Kross. The two kids from ATL with their clothes on backwards brought an energy and a movement to Hip Hop that was felt globally and can never taken away. Also, happy born day to the late, great Scott La Rock, the original DJ for KRS-One and the Boogie Down Production Posse. The words and works of these Wise, young brothers will live forever. Rest In Paradise. As for Jason Collins, the NBA player who recently came out of the closet, there are some vicious fans that wish he was dead. People took to Twitter to manifest their disgust about his homosexuality, with many openly saying, ‘kill him”. Sexuality is a choice, unlike being Black, which is inherited. His choice is to have two strikes against him.

Wisdom simply means to show what you know in the most intelligent way possible. It is the bridge between what you Know, what you Understand, and how you are able to convey that Understanding to others. The wisest way is to speak and conduct yourself in a way that those around you will be able to understand, especially the children. Peace!     

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)