Today’s Mathematics is Culture

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Peace! Today’s Mathematics is Culture. One’s Culture is the way that they conduct their lives on an everyday basis and every aspect of it is a reflection of one’s way of life. The Culture of the Original Man is I-God, which gives the Original Family the Freedom to live a righteous way of life in accordance with the natural law and order of the Universe. That law that is authored by Allah God is known as Supreme Mathematics.

Through all of what Black people in America have went through, the smallest of victories matter when securing the legacy of our ancestors who fought and died in the name of Freedom. The dropping of Lil Wayne by Mountain Dew was not necessarily a victory against the YMCMB poster boy, but against the industry who previously assumed that no filter is necessary for their artists. Antoine Dodson, who is known for the infamous “hide yo kids, hide yo wife” YouTube video, has renounced homosexuality after becoming spiritually enlightened by the Hebrew Isrealite religion. Some gays have condemned him for making his shocking statement, which says he wants a wife and children. Sounds like a case of misery loves company. A group that calls itself the White Student Union from Towson University, who previously announced they would have night patrols to fend off “black predators”, had urine thrown on them during a protest in the nation’s capital on May Day. When your way of life conflicts with the Freedom, Justice, and Equality of others, you may have to consider going against your nature. Either that or get human waste thrown on you.


A Culture that gives one their own name, language, land, and customs that are uniquely theirs is what makes an individual free. The stolen legacy of Original People that were brought here against their will and made to abandon their natural way of life must be made known to the masses in order for all to indeed have mental freedom. One’s way of life has to be chosen, not forced, in order for them to truly be free. Peace!

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)