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A first look at the Golden State Warriors new arena in San Francisco

In case you didn’t know the Golden State Warriors do not in fact play in San Francisco, they actually play in Oakland. That will all change in 2017 though as the Warriors are planning to return to San Francisco once their lease is up for Oracle Arena. Set to be located right on San Francisco’s bay this new state of the art stadium is set up to be one of the nicest stadiums in all of sports.



From this blueprint view you don’t see a parking lot meaning that on site parking is almost going to be nonexistent. Instead the space around the stadium will become a park that also features a place for vendors and stores.


The new Warrior’s arena will also be located right by San Francisco’s AT&T Park which is home to the Giants. Anyone want to catch a Giant’s game during the day and want to walk over for a Warrior’s game?


Yes that’s right this whole new stadium will in fact be transparent making the stadium even more unique.


An area with no seats provides the perfect backdrop of the Bay Bridge. This will also be the first basketball stadium that you can actually see the sky without leaving the building


Cramping up in your seats? Go for a walk on the outdoor spiral walkway to kill some time.


The new stadium will fit 17,000 people in it but for those who don’t have a ticket the open walkway plus the transparency will allow you catch some of the game from the outside.


No ticket no problem, the huge chunk of missing seats is where you could catch a glimpse of the action without entering the stadium.

– John McAuliffe (@John_Mac310)