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cee lead

Screw the interview, read this.

We know what’s been going on. The news reports the legendary Mister Cee is in these streets soliciting male prostitutes, but according to Mister Cee the facts differ. While that’s nothing new in journalism, it must make one wonder how these alleged incidents have ended up in the headlines for the third time in a few short years. Nonetheless, for the first time ever Mister Cee went on the Hot 97 morning show and chatted with his boss Ebro, and his co-workers (Peter Rosenberg, K. Foxx, Cipha Sounds) for the better part of an hour in an effort to clear up the rumors and news tidbits floating around the social spheres Monday morning. Though you may not have time to sit down and listen to the entire interview, get the gist of it with these soon-to-be-infamous quotes from “The Finisher’s” time on the air early this morning.


-Khari Nixon (@KingVanGogh)

1. As expected, Ebro got straight to the point and asked Mister Cee if he was gay.

“I’m not gay” – Mister Cee

2. Though its not as publicized, there was a pre-2011 incident where Mister Cee was initially accused of being involved in homosexual activity and he recounted part of the incident:

“Yes there was a video where an alleged male participant did say ‘I know Mister Cee and he has a small penis'” – Mister Cee

3. Ebro eventually got on the topic of Cee’s blatant love for prostitutes.

“Do you love prostitutes” – Ebro
“Yes I do” – Mister Cee

4. Cee elaborated on his many goings on since his unfortunate break-up 12 years ago.

“Yes I have tricked on strippers many a time” – Mister Cee

5. The last time an incident such as this one was publicized, Cee didn’t feel like he had the entire support of the staff at Hot 97.

“I was just feeling like ‘f*** everybody…I hate everybody in this building'” – Mister Cee

6. Ebro desperately wants to know why Mister Cee found himself on the corner of Broadway and Madison Avenue in Brooklyn late Thursday night/early Friday morning.

“I didn’t know that’s what went down there [Broadway and Madison]” – Mister Cee

7. Mister Cee maintains his straightforward personality with a random outburst.

“I’ve always been on the radio like YEAH, ITS THE FINISHER MISTER CEE ON HOT 97 LET’S GO FOR THE WALLOP!…” – Mister Cee

8. Cee cut’s to the chase.

“I’m suspending myself”.

9. Ebro wishes Cee would just come out and be gay.

“You had the chance to be the next Jason Collins. You could’ve gotten tweets from Barack and Michelle Obama. You missed out, g” – Ebro

10. Mister Cee fires back the homosexual accusations on Charlemagne?

“Don’t make me have to come see you [Charlemagne]…and you with, you know, your guys. You know who I’m talking about”.