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Today’s Mathematics is Equality

Peace! Today’s Mathematics is Equality, which is the state or quality of being Equal with all things. In order to achieve Equality, one must use the Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding that they possess. It is also a mathematical reference to show that two or more Ciphers(people, places, or things) are equivalent. It is incumbent that every individual deal with Equality with all things within a said Cipher so their contribution of Equality can be measured as one.


Barely one month before the scheduled trial of George Zimmerman for the killing of Trayvon Martin last year, New Orleans Police Officer Joshua Colclough has been charged with manslaughter for the killing of unarmed teenager Wendall Allen. Where is the Equality in the way these individuals who claim to uphold the law are penalized for their actions? If terrorism is the biggest threat to national security, we must recognize that shooting unarmed children is one of the worst forms of terrorism. As we celebrate the 4th MVP win for Lebron James and the 44th win  for “Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather, we must see their deafening silence on the above issues as a classist statement. Muhammad Ali and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar didn’t stay silent on social ills in America, so are today’s athletes just scared? Lil’ Kim is headed to court to the tune of $15 million dollars for not fulfilling endorsement contracts with Andrew Ro of the International Rock Star Corp. and Mister Cee is just ruining his legacy in this game called Hip Hop. All this just two weeks before Biggie’s born day.

Equality is simply to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. To do to others what they do to you, especially when it’s negative, isn’t Equality. It’s called revenge. Let’s seek to establish Equality in every aspect of our lives today. Peace!

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)